Silver Cup Training ~ Ariane Rezvani

Silver Cup Training is a small, full time horse training operation focusing on dressage. I have 30 years of teaching and training experience that includes a lifetime of riding. I have operated my business for the last 18 years out of Golden Hills Farm located in Paso Robles, California. I am also the farm manager.  Only a limited number of horses and students are taken to ensure that both horses and riders receive the help or training they need to succeed. Please check with me to see what the status is of current availability. 

Each client receives one on one time to determine needs and goals.  A strategy is put in place that allows the client and trainer to quickly identify if goals are on track. Evaluations are done throughout the year to make any necessary adjustments. Goals can be simple or extensive, in the end the journey is yours. There are no working students. All horses in training are cared for and ridden by me. A balance of arena work as well as outside riding (track and trail) is included in the training routine. 

On occasion I have horses for sale. The horses are in full training and are typically being groomed for the amateur rider or are horses that belong to my students. These horses come from breeders I know and work for or they have been a longstanding part of our team. Extra effort is put into developing a safe and fun companion. I am not a consignment barn. If it is not a horse I would sell to one of my own clients, it will not be a horse listed on my site.

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