RIATA ~ Jill Slater

RIATA was born in 2014 as a favor to a trainer, who asked Jill to “decorate some hats for her riders.” As a former flower shop owner and floral designer, this came naturally.  The large hats attracted lots of attention, before long vendors and other competitors wanted one, heck they wanted more than one.  A business was formed and now the RIATA Design hats are among the favorite headdress for sun protection.

When Jill Slater designs, she keeps specific types of people in mind. Her motto, “BE YOU,” has always been her go to inspiration.

What’s your favorite color, do you like bling a little, a lot or not at all? Are you a gold or silver person?….are her first questions to RIATA enthusiasts.  “RIATA customers get to help me design their own custom RIATA. It’s a super fun process, they tell me.”

Jill Slater is a California native and grew up in a small farming community in the San Joaquin Valley.  It is there that she and Ariane Keagy, now Ariane Rezvani, owner of Silver Cup Training and the Horse Connection Center became good friends.

Ariane Rezvani and Jill Slater with Stormy Pebbles. Just a couple of kids having fun. #noworries
Ariane Rezvani and Jill Slater with Stormy Pebbles. Just a couple of kids having fun.

Ariane was the rider, Jill just hung out. It was simple small town living.  Ariane’s dad was a doctor and Jill’s dad farmed and owned a small department store.

Jill’s roots and love for retail inspired her to open her own flower shop in the Bay Area.  You may also recognize Jill from TV.  She had a weekly segment on ABC7 News on flowers and gardening and was a frequent guest on HGTV.

Despite the flower shop and TV gigs, Jill says, “the MOST fun job I’ve ever had is seeing someone in one of my RIATAS.”

BE YOU, Wear a RIATA.  Contact Jill through her website with your hat ideas at www.riatadesigns.com. You can also follow Jill on Facebook at www.facebook.com/riatadesigns/?fref=ts.  Look for Jill’s hat designs at the HCC Mini Expo on 4/16/16.