Keith Somerville Horseshoeing

  100_2989 Keith is a long time resident of the Central Coast and a 1976 graduate of the Cal Poly Horseshoeing Program.  He has worked for ranchers, breeders, show and backyard horse owners. He has a lifetime of experience shoeing a variety of breeds used for a variety of disciplines. These breeds include Quarter Horses, Arabians, Warmbloods, Friesians, Gypsy Vanners, Welsh Cobs, Dutch Harness Horses, and Andalusians. Keith is a bi-coastal farrier. He has a long time client base both on the West and East coast and is the farrier to some of the nations top horses including Grandview Farms’ Elis GV, who was USEF Horse of the Year in 2014.

  • Dressed in a tux ready to shoe. Showcase of the West- Reno, NV 1994
  • Keith Somerville
  • Dutch Warmblood ` Wimenta CL Owned by Gail Baum
  • PRE ~ Bandalor MQ Owned by Tom Baldwin
  • Welsh Cob ~ Sand Hill Caberneigh Eyrl Owned by Deb Hilberg
  • Friesian ~ Tiana- Owned by Charley and Brenda Roberts
  • Friesian ~ Elis GV- Owned by Grand View Farms
  • Friesian ~ Cor Owned by Little River Frisians
  • Gypsy Vanners ~ Austin and LDivo- Owned by Louise Shane

Back in the day a fellow could be shoeing Arabian English Pleasure horses on one day and Reining horses or donkeys and mules the next. Rather than inventorying the many types of shoes, farriers just made them. The cost for shoeing was about $12.00 for four handmade shoes.  After shoeing for about 10 years Keith started working with David Lee Fraser at horse shows in Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Show Case of the West in Nevada featuring Saddlebred, Morgan, and Tennessee Walking horses. Keith considers David his mentor and is grateful for the guidance he provided when he was in the early stages of his career. The experiences and exposure with David opened the door to future opportunities.

Keith’s long time client base includes Griffin Sport Horses, an over ten year relationship and Jeff Wonnell for about 25 years, when Griffin Sport Horses moved to Virginia, Keith was asked to stick with them, and so began the journey of the bi-coastal farrier.

Because of his experience and exposure to Friesians, Keith also had the opportunity to be the official farrier for the IFSHA Friesian Nationals on both coasts from 2011 through 2014.

Keith believes every horse deserves accuracy in measurements including angles and length of foot. “I don’t believe balance is achieved by trimming a hoof as short as it will go. Larger horses need larger shoes.  How the hoof leaves the ground is as important as how it lands. This is especially important for horses where the discipline requires motion and/or extension.”

There are two simple rules that Keith follows when it comes to shoeing a horse. First, you must use your head at all times and second, there are no other rules. If you would like to learn more about Keith Somerville you can follow him on Facebook at or call him at (805) 466-7133.