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Equestrian Aid Foundation
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The Equestrian Aid Foundation assists people from all corners of the horse world who are coping with catastrophic injury or illness and financial crisis. We help to rebuild lives.

The Foundation’s mission of providing grant-based support includes horse people suffering from catastrophic injuries or illness of all kinds.

Our commitment now is to help people of all ages and from all disciplines, occupations and backgrounds by offering funding for medical, rehabilitative and other essential expenses. Our goal is to provide a helping hand that allows fellow equestrians to overcome adversity, focus on healing, and rebuild their lives.

Today, thanks to the compassion and support of friends and colleagues in the equestrian community, Equestrian Aid has given over $2.7 million in direct aid to grant recipients in 30 states across America.
Equestrian Aid Foundation
11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd, Ste. 10A-377
Wellington, FL 33414

Tel: 800-792-6068
Email: contact@equestrianaid.org

Business Website Address: https://www.equestrianaidfoundation.org
Business Phone Number: 800-792-6068


The Equestrian Aid Foundation is uniquely poised to offer not only financial support but also, caring and emotional support for horse people who are ill or injured catastrophically. Since the members and board themselves are lifetime equestrians, they possess such kind understanding of how life changing a sudden illness or injury can be. It is so completely devastating. We appreciate so very much the support and financial aid that they have offered us, but even more, we have appreciated the one thing that we were lacking when my husband got run over by the giant rear wheels of a tractor – hope. We had none when we first started talking to them and even before the financial aid started, the kindest gifts we got from them was understanding and hope. The excessive generosity of the actual members is so remarkable and kind. They truly do give above and beyond what any one could ever expect or dream of. There are no words to convey the appreciation that we feel towards them. The work they do is nothing short of life changing. We can not thank them enough.
Loren and Nancy Wight | July 26, 2017
The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a wonderful organization that truly provides support for members of the equestrian community. When illness or catastrophes strikes you have to scramble to see how to get through it all and make sense of things. The normal channels of financial support can be so small and very specific so it leaves you wondering how to handle the other aspects in your life. Our community is so lucky to have the Equestrian Aid Foundation behind us. We have a special resource to fall back on to pick up the pieces that traditional channels ignore. Equally as important as any financial support is the emotional support that is needed when the going gets tough. Every member of this group goes above and beyond with their caring and dedication. They are always willing to listen and see if there is a way to help. It makes me proud to be a part of this equestrian community. The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a group of very classy and professional people who follow through on their word.
Stacey Small | July 21, 2017
This Foundation provides Assistance for Equestrians from all walks of life who have been injured. I am extremely grateful and blessed to be a grant recipient of the Equestrian Aid Foundation. I grew up riding horses and was a rodeo queen. I was in two major riding accidents in 2012 and 2013. I sustained multiple concussions as a result of the accident. This grant has made it possible for me to begin to rebuild my life; It has helped me to have access to rehabilitative medical treatment, and given me time to focus of my academic career and vocational rehab which was severely impacted or stalled and most importantly the capacity to focus on healing from said injuries. I am beyond thankful this organization exists I thank my lucky stars. Thank You Equestrian Aid Foundation for giving me a leg up and a chance to start my life over. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for this amazing second chance. Most importantly, when I spoke to the director the first couple of times; she listened to my story with an open ear and heart. I worked meticulously on my application packet for a few months; when I received word I had received a grant I cried tears of relief and gratitude. Thank you for listening when I felt drained of all hope and life. I am working every day towards regaining strength back. I still have a ways to go as my journey of healing is constant; but I am happy to say I am on my way towards my goals because of the help. Thank You a million.
Alena W. | July 21, 2017
The Equestrian AId Foundation has changed my life. Without their generous support both financially and emotionally I don't know where I would be. Following what was to be routine surgery, I suffered life changing complications. I lost my career, my housing,and most importantly my health insurance. In my time of need The Equestrian Aid Foundation gave me what I needed most …HOPE !! It renewed my faith in mankind that a group of my peers (some known but most unknown to me ) stepped in to help me . It is because of our common bond .. a passion for horses. Thank You to The Equestrian AId Foundation.
Meribeth white | July 19, 2017
The Equestrian Aid Foundation is the only 501c3 that I know of that helps equestrians that need help long term or short term depending on each persons prognosis. Everyone that is on the board of directors truly cares about the foundation and it's recipients. They are always doing fundraisers and looking for others ways to raise money so they can continue helping the Equestrian community. They have made a HUGE impact on my life due to a spinal cord injury that resulted from a horse breaking my neck. Without their help I would most likely be in a nursing home. I am forever grateful for their help.
Tara Celentano | July 18, 2017

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