Straight From The Horse’s Mouth Radio Show ~ Paula Slater

Paula Slater is a retired art teacher and has been a horse owner for over 30 years. She has combined her passion for creativity with her love of horses and found a way to share it all. Paula is the force behind the podcast, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth and the soon to be launched, Boomer Equestrian.

The podcast gives listeners the opportunity to listen to the stories of interesting people who have a unique perspective on horses. These are horse lovers who are striving to make the world a better place for horses and people through their art, services and products.

If you are an equine artist, author, entrepreneur, inventor or alternative health care specialist, Paula wants you! She wants to help you share your product, art, service or talent with horse lovers who appreciate the creatives in the equine world.

Here is a short recap of some favorite interviews. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the SFHM Banner posted on the HCC home page.


Save a Horse Ride A Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to repeat a riding transition a thousand times, but you know it would sour your horse? You’ve identified your problem as you, the rider. It may be your balance, leg position, or pressure. You know what you need to do, but you need the practice – not your horse. Save a horse ride a Simulator!

With the Racewood Horse Simulator, you can practice 24 hours a day,7 days a week if you desire. No wear and tear, or stress for your horse. It is you who is perfecting your contact, position, aids, and you get feedback! You can monitor your progress on a TV screen and correct your mistakes. The Racewood Horse Simulator comes in a variety of different models: dressage, jumping and now the eventer. The success rate is outstanding! Riders improve within a few lessons because you get feedback immediately.

Barbro Ask-Upmark is a world class dressage rider and horse trainer. Barbro will be at the World Cup Final on April 14-19 with the new Racewood Eventer Horse Simulator. For more information, check out my interview with Barbro Ask-Upmark on my podcast – Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio on March 25, 2015. Listen to Barbro from Always a Good Ride talk about this wonderful tool that will help you become the rider you always wanted to be.

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Dr. Barrie Grant

As a professor of equine surgery from 1974-1991 at Washington State University, from which he earned his DVM in 1967, Dr. Barrie Grant strongly encouraged his students and residents to pursue the diagnosis and treatment of interesting cases, perform clinically related research, publish in peer-reviewed journals and present their work for the benefit of the profession. Dr. Grant selflessly promoted those who trained with him to the equine industry and to referring veterinarians, helping launch the careers of many who went on to leadership roles within the equine veterinary profession. A pioneering equine surgeon and former educator who accelerated the careers of his students and trained fellow practitioners in the techniques of cervical stabilization Dr. Barrie Grant was recognized for his influence in 2013 by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Dr. Grant DVM, DACVS, MRCVS. was presented with the distinguished Educator (Mentor) Award.

While at Washington State, Dr. Grant began working with human orthopedic surgeon Dr. George Bagby and fellow veterinarian Dr. Pam Wagner to develop the surgical treatment used in horses and people for cervical cord compression (wobblers). He has since trained many equine veterinarians in the techniques of cervical stabilization, helping countless horses lead productive lives.

Listen to Dr. Grant’s interview as he tells about his pioneering research in the area of equine wobblers and some of his famous patients.

Linda Hauck

As a Level 2 Equine Canada sanctioned coach, respected clinician and Level II Technical Delegate, Linda Hauck (From Eventer to Inventor) strives to ensure that both horse and rider, whether amateur or expert, are safe and comfortable within their abilities and having fun.

Linda Hauck was not content to live with the fact that horses were uncomfortable with the regular spur. Nor was Linda prepared to stand by and watch girthy horses suffer under saddle. Linda also made some revisions to the neck strap ensuring that all riders professional and amateur had a safety strap while at a show, or hacking out. Listen to Linda’s interview, From Eventer to Inventor, as she tells her story of her inventions: the Spursauder, and her new Tapestry Comfort Girth.

Nanna Salmi

Nanna Salmi created an ancient and unique method of weaving horsehair into the multi-colored ribbon. The nannasalmi™ collection is a horsehair jewelry collection created from horsehair, precious metals, and diamonds. Nanna combines old world craftsmanship with modern contemporary design. These unique designs have been displayed in shows such as Hampton Classic, WEF Wellington, WEG Kentucky, Hickstead Dressage, Longines Royal International Horse Show, CSI-W Geneva, GCT Monaco, Valkenswaard and Athens, CSI Amsterdam, Internationales Festhallen Reitturnier Frankfurt and many more.

This horsehair jewelry is worn around the world on cross country tracks, desert trails and show arenas. Clientele includes little jumper girls, Olympic and World champions – along with hundreds of riders, who love and admire their equine companion. Listen to Nanna’s interview as she describes her very creative and unique work.

Sybil Mair

The Equestrian, a short film by Sybil Mair, is a dark psychological drama. The young British actor, Layke Anderson, plays a talented dressage rider, Freddie Forester and James Wilby (Maurice, Gosford Park), stars as his father. The U.K.’s very own Olympic gold medallist Carl Hester MBE also makes a cameo appearance. Says Carl: “After the success at London 2012, I think it’s fantastic that a film has been made about our sport. It deserves the recognition.” Freddie Forester, a young dressage rider, is at the start of a promising career. Talented and ambitious, with a gifted stallion he is set to compete in his biggest championship yet. But on his journey to manhood, he will struggle to discover hidden truths about his relationships with his father, his horse and ultimately himself.

Sybil Mair’s “The Equestrian” promises to provide a rich and intense story about the partnership between man and horse – or is that horse and man? Though many equestrians will recognize the familiar setting, they should be prepared to be challenged by the powerful message that lies deep within. Listen to the director, Sybil Mair, as she shares the inspiration behind this beautiful and gripping short film.

Paula 350

The SFHM website address is Contact Paula about being a guest on her show at You can also reach Paula by going to her directory listing on the HCC website and send her an inquiry, More information about Boomer Equestrian will be forthcoming, but here is a little bit to peak your interest. The Boomer Equestrian podcast and website will grow with the listeners who want to continue riding or stay connected to horses in some way. Paula would like to invite: trainers, health specialists, equine business people and anyone who can contribute valuable information to the Boomer demographic that loves horses. I think many HCC readers and followers will enjoy the concept and will be able to find many relatable moments.