Steve Messenger ~ Artist


Steve Messenger is an artist who specializes in horse and dog commissions. He has shown in galleries, won several best in shows and been reviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer as well as featured in The Chronicle of the Horse. He has a studio in the arts building at 319 North 11th Street in Philadelphia, the high ceilinged windowless space allows him to make large equine drawings on sheets of gessoed canvas with sharply honed HB lead point pencils and micron pens. The drawings are big, the image above of the horse is near life size, the smooth musculature and dappling of the horse’s coat achieved through masterful descriptive lines. Working from original photographs, Steve carefully renders each stroke onto the equally concisely prepared surface, allowing each line to inform the design and evoke a sense of reality. If you’ve spent time around horses, you find yourself eventually kissing them, they communicate affection and trust. Follow Steve on Facebook at and on Twitter at If you see a piece you like, simply reach out to Steve for pricing.