Horse Connection Center Pricing and Services



Event Calendar ~FREE ~ The Event Calendar is provided as a free service to the clients and followers of the Horse Connection Center. You are encouraged to post activities and events that are related to any equine or canine activity.

Classified Ads ~ $10.00 for 30 days/$25.00 for 90 days ~    You are allowed up to 4 photos and 2 videos. You have a 1700 character description paragraph available.  A PayPal notice will be generated at time of checkout.

Business Directory ~ The Business Directory is an excellent feature offered on the site. It provides a snapshot of your business and all the necessary information for you to be seen and contacted. The directory provides a rating system which allows your clients and customers to give feedback. Good ratings will help you stand out from the crowd.

Directory Listing Only ~ $20.00 Annual Fee Per Listing~ The listing is a snapshot of your business and provides users with a link to your website and contact information. Group Organization pricing is $10.00 annually. Non Profit Organizations are free.

Gold Medal Directory Member ~ $75.00 Annual Fee ~ Includes Business Directory Listing, no fee Classified Ads, social media support, a featured article, a full time rotating banner ad which links to your website and 10% off any website or graphic services.

Contact Horse Connection Center if you are interested in one of the Business Directory options. (805) 286-4271 or

Banner Advertising ~ Please contact HCC to talk about banner ad pricing. Prices vary based on size and length of time the ad will run. 

Website/Website Hosting/Social Media/Ad Design ~  HCC has branched out to provide clients with a number of other services. Please feel free to contact HCC with questions. Websites designed by HCC include.

HELP!!!! ~ If you are running into any trouble uploading files or trying to create an ad, event, or business listing, please contact me.  Any modifications to files are done at no cost to you.

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